1. Intergeneration Community

The importance of all generations worshipping together, allowing children and young people to help us learn more stuff of God.

2.  Walking Together

What could your conversation be as you journey alongside children and young people?  What would you hear, not just what would you say?

3.  Faith in Action

Not what you are doing but how you are being.

4.  Worship not Assembly

The traditional school assembly has changed from a short talk about God to giving children and young people the opportunity to be reflective.

5.  Spiritual Styles

Recognizing and embracing that being is different based on how we worship.

6.  Children and Young People as Beings

Accepting the prophetic voice that children and young people will offer the church if we but listened.

7.  Rhythms and Milestones

Where do children and young people have the opportunity to share stories

8.  Being or Doing?

What if you are a resource?




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